Producer Nanowipers Nanowipers - Clear view in rain

The NANOWIPERS product — non-staining invisible wipers for windshields

Use of NANOWIPERS in rain makes for a clear view.

Drops on the surface create the so-called pearl effect and at speeds above approx. 40 mph (60 km/h) flow off the glass.

The nanolayer causes invisible liquid wipers.

During rain or upon being washed by water, the surface exerts a self-cleaning lotus effect - impurities are washed off the glass along with the water droplets.

Stuck insects and icing are easier to remove from a so treated glass during winter months.

Nanowipers increase windshield durability against scratching.

The NANOWIPERS product


One package of NANOWIPERS contains:

  • A bottle with a blue seal (25ml)
  •     -  NanoClean  - nanotechnologic cleaner
  • A bottle with a red seal (25ml)
  •     -  GProtect  - nanotechnologic preparation
  • A blue-colored nonwoven textile
  • A red-colored nonwoven textile

1 package suffices for one windshield and headlights of one passenger car



The winsdhield must be dry and clean before application. NANOWIPERS can only be applied at glass and evironment temperatures between +5°C and +30°C! If applied at lower temperatures, a dim milky layer will form, which is hardly polishable. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Work in ventilated areas!

Take out the bottle with the blue seal and shake. Use a knife to trim the tip of the seal and spray a small amount of the nanocleaner on the windshield, then polish it out using the blue textil. Gradually apply and polish the preperation outwards over the whole surface of the glass. Correctly treated surfaces are identified by textil mildly chafing on them. In places, where the textil slides on the glass, spray more nanocleaner and polish.

The consumption of the preparation for 1 m2 of glass is cca. 10 to 15 ml. A bigger ammount of the preparation will not increase the efficiency, only laboriousness during subsequent polishing. Allow it to act for 5 minutes! Polish up potential deficiencies. When the break is violated or one textil is used for both preparations, the product can be rendered non-functioning!

After treating the glass with nanocleaner and after a 5 minute break, apply the preparation with the red seal in the same manner using the red textil! Polish up to high gloss. In this case, after a correct application, the tetxil should slide on the surface of the glass. Take the same steps, applying the red-sealed preparation and polishing it, until the textil slides on the surface. Then allow it for 24 hours in a dry place at temperatures from +5°C to +30°C form a protective nanolayer.
The consumption of the nanopreparation is cca 10 to 15 ml/m2. When applying NANOWIPERS on headlights proceed simirarly. Do not switch te textiles!

Composition: Alcohol mix of special nano-additives.
Storage: At temperatures +5 to +40°C! Keep receptecale tightly sealed. Protect from frost, direct sunlight and overheating.